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  I get an error when paying by credit card

If you are trying to pay by credit card and get an error, it may be due to one of these causes.

Check the data entered

This is usually the most common error, check that the 16 numbers on the card are written correctly, as well as the expiry date and the CVC code (located on the back of the card).

Check that the card is valid

Check that your card is active (when new cards arrive, they usually need to be activated at an ATM) and that it hasn't expired.

Some banks also require them to be activated specifically for online purchases.

Proxies of companies or organisations

Some companies and organisations channel web traffic through a proxy, which sometimes filters and blocks external web requests.

If this is your case, read below. In addition, many times the computers of these organisations only have a specific browser, which is old and may also be the cause of the failure.

Solution if the card fails

In order not to lose your design you can choose Paypal as payment method

Paypal also allows you to pay by card, even without registering, you can choose that payment option and enter your card data from Paypal.

Verification methods with enhanced security

Since 1 January 2021, the new European PSD2 regulation obliges banks to verify all online payments with a double authentication factor. Click here to read more about this regulation.