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  How to save my designs

If you have started designing a product, and you want to continue designing it at another time, just do the following:

Save a personalised product's design

Add it to the cart. Once in the cart, click on the Edit pencil button

You can modify the design as many times as you want until you finish your purchase.

Save an album's or photo book design.

Click on the save button in the upper right corner.


The next time you agree to design this product you will be given the option to continue with the project.

Saving will also give you the project code. With this code, you can continue editing your project from any computer or device.

You only have to enter the project code at the beginning in the "import project" option.


You can use the import project option even if you have finished your order, for example if you want to order more copies of your album, although your album will be available only for a limited time (30 days).