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  Image use policy

In addition to strictly complying with data protection laws and the GDPR, it is very important for us to give you clear and transparent information on how and when we use your photos and what we do with them. Your images are strictly used to produce and personalise the products of your orders.

The images are not backed up in any other way. All stored images are only directly accessible by system administrators and technical staff, and order images have a fully automated print, avoiding any kind of manipulation.

Session images (web)

When you upload images to place your orders, these images are securely stored on our own servers. When 60 days go by without you using them again, a daily process permanently deletes them.

If you want us to delete the images from your session without having to wait for this period, you can contact us, giving us your session ID (available in the contact section), and we will proceed to delete them.

Order Images

When you complete an order, the session images on the web are "assembled" to form the order images. We keep the order images for 200 days, in case you need to repeat the order for any reason (incident, request for copies, etc.). Once this period has passed, they are definitively eliminated.

As with the session images, if you want us to proceed with the deleting without waiting, you can contact us, providing us with your order number.

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