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  I want a copy of my product

If you have received your order and have loved it, or simply need more quantity, you can do the following:

Order copies of personalised products

The option to repeat orders is only available for users who ordered as registered users.

Order copies of Photo Books, Magazines, and Books.

If you want a copy of an order of these products, just get the project code.

To do this, you will have to save the project first by clicking on the button in the top corner.


A dialog box will open, and there you can find the project code.


Save this project code, once you have finished your order, if another day you want to make more copies of this order, just go to the editor of the project, and enter the project code in the initial option where it says "Import project".


If you would like to reorder a model other than the original, you will have to contact us before carrying out the steps described above.