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  My order is broken, faulty or incorrect

We make every effort to ensure that you do not need to read this information, but if necessary, we will show you how to proceed in each case.

Products broken in transit

If you open your parcel and discover that one or several of the products have arrived damaged, you will need to notify us in the contact section within 48 hours. (from the moment you receive the package), providing an image of the shipping label and the damaged products.

Products with manufacturing defects

For claims related to the manufacture of your order, it is important that you contact us within a maximum period of 30 days as after this period we destroy the images of the orders due to our policy of data protection and images. We will not be able to make the appropriate checks after this period of time.

All you have to do is send us a message using the form in the contact section attaching one or more photos (preferably in natural light) of the problem or defect of the product.

In the case of incidents of incomplete orders, or broken or damaged orders, it will also be necessary to take an image of the packaging.

Replacement orders and refunds

As soon as your complaint is resolved, we will send an replacement order and treat it as a matter of urgency. However in other cases we will proceed to make a refund or give a discount. In the case of refunds, it may take between 1 and 7 days from the time we issue the refund until it is reflected in your bank account, depending on the processing speed of the issuing bank.