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  I need to modify my order

We advise you to modify your order only if it is because of a major problem, as order modifications are more likely to generate incidents, however, if you need to make a change in your order, we explain below what to do in each case.

In the cases that require contacting us, we will try to make these changes but we do not guarantee being able to make them if the production has already begun when reading your message (ticket, chat, email).

Changing the shipping address

It is possible to change the shipping address, provided that:

  • The order has not already been packaged or shipped
  • The new destination is for an amount equal to or less than the original destination price

To request a change of address, please contact us.

Change a product

It is only possible to change the product if the following conditions are met:

  • The product has not begun to be manufactured
  • It can only be changed by a variant or model of the same product, e.g. colour, fabric, finish, size, etc. For example, if you buy cups with a white interior and you need to change them for another interior colour. Or if you buy an apron, change the colour of the trim, etc.
  • The new product or model must have the same price as the original or lower.

If you meet all these conditions, to request the change, please contact us, do not forget to provide your order number and provide the information.

Changing the quantity or units of a product

Whether you want to:

Increase units. This option is not possible, because it involves changing the payment amount. If you want more quantities or units of your order, we recommend that you place another order. If you want to repeat the order with the same images and design, you can see here how to do it.

Decrease units. This option is possible as long as the order has not begun to be produced, contact us specifying the quantity and We will refund the corresponding amount.

Modify the design or change images or texts

This option is not possible, so if you need this, we recommend that you cancel your order and make it again.